Soames Hill is located just above Gibsons and only 3 km (1.6 mi) from the Langdale ferry terminal. Conquering “The Knob” can be done in a short 40 minutes, but don’t forget to leave some time for water and snack breaks at the top. Here you can take in the stunning views of Gibsons Harbour, the coastal mountain range, Keats, Gambier, Bowen, and Vancouver islands. Soames Hill Park covers 150 acres and boasts over 5 km (3 mi) of trails which vary in difficulty from moderate to strenuous through impressive second-growth forest.

View from Soames Hill in Gibsons. Photo: Chris Thorn Photography

Tackle the impressive 434 step staircase on the east side of the park to the top viewpoints. There are four different trail access points at the following locations:

D639 Bridgeman Road (NE Entrance)
481 Esperanza Road (SW Entrance)
1070 Boyle Road (NW Entrance)
999 Soames Road (SE Entrance)

The Bridgeman Road access provides a moderate trail as you follow in towards the green trail. Turn left onto the green trail and head up the stairs. The stairs are somewhat steep and strenuous, but the views at the top are your reward!

The hike up the stairs at Soames Hill in Gibsons. Photo: Chris Thorn Photography
The hike up the stairs at Soames Hill in Gibsons. Photo: Chris Thorn Photography

Directions to Bridgeman Road Access: From the traffic light at the junction of Highway 101 and North Road in Gibsons, proceed 1.9 km (1.1 mi) along North Road toward the Langdale ferry terminal. Turn right onto Chamberlin Road and after 200 metres turn left onto Bridgeman Road. 300 metres along Bridgeman is the park entrance. Along Chamberlin is another park entrance on Esperanza.

Map of Soames Hill (courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Regional District)

Geocaches: There are 3 geocaches in the park. If geocaching is new for you, it’s a real-world treasure hunt, so don’t miss out on the fun.

Mountain Biking: This is permitted in the park but the trails are not particularly bike-friendly.

Please follow all Sunshine Coast Regional District rules, including:

  • Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash at all times and use waste bags
  • Trail conditions vary and can be affected by wind and other weather conditions
  • Bears and other wildlife are known to frequent the park, so please be bear aware
  • Fires are not permitted

The trails of the Sunshine Coast offer a wide array of experiences for travellers of all levels and walks of life. Ranging in length, difficulty, and experience, the trails on the Sunshine Coast are the epitome of the pristine beauty and epic landscapes of British Columbia.

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