We’ve got several great tour options that let you get out on the water to experience the best of the Sunshine Coast.  Our Mermaid tours are “Fun in the Bay”. This series runs in the protected waters of Sechelt Inlet, from the town of Sechelt. Take a quick turn around Porpoise Bay to see what’s here; and for the sheer joy of being out. Join us for the one hour Mermaid Basic or go a bit further on the 90 minute Mermaid Deluxe.

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Our marine environment is rich and diverse. These waterways join it all together in a natural order. These same waterways connect us to the significant land points. We’ll highlight the prominent features of the area and tell some of the pioneer stories as well as mention some current events.

Interested in First Nations? Join us for the shíshálh Cultural tour, hosted by a Ambassador from our partner Talaysay Tours. Several village sites lined this end of ?álhtűlich (Sechelt Inlet) where people built houses from cedar planks and lived off the bounty the land provided. The abundance available made for a rich life.

Princess Louisa Inlet is our ULTIMATE tour. A trip to Princess Louisa Inlet is an iconic BC outing. It’s the epitome of “Mountains, Oceans and Rainforest”! The tour sails from Egmont.

On the 2 hour run through Jervis to Princess Lousia Inlet you go through a huge glacial fjord, with steep rock faces rising straight up from the sea. Big glaciers surround Princess Louisa Inlet. And inside Princess Louisa there is a scenic tranquility revered by all who have visited. Spend time ashore beside world famous Chatterbox Falls before returning to Egmont.