Explore the northern Sunshine Coast from Saltery Bay and Powell River to the end of the road in Lund.

Much like its southern counterpart, the northern Sunshine Coast is not an island, but adjacent inlets and mountainous terrain that have made road access impossible for now. So, accessing the northern region of the Coast must be done by water or air. A 50-minute ferry ride bridges the gap from Earl’s Cove (on the south Coast) to Saltery Bay on the north, or head over from Vancouver Island via the Little River ferry terminal in Comox. Texada Island is also easily accessible via Powell River. 

The main town of Powell River has long flourished with funky cafés, a craft brewery and restaurants with international flair. The north Coast is also home to the Sunshine Coast Trail – Canada’s longest free hut-to-hut hiking trail – as well as the Powell Forest Canoe Route. At the end of the road is Lund – a small, peaceful coastal village that is a haven for boaters. From here, water taxi to the white sand beaches of Savary Island, or kayak into Desolation Sound.