Deep fjords and inlets along the Sunshine Coast offer pristine cold-water diving.

The waters of Skookumchuck Narrows at the entrance of Sechelt Inlet are highly rated by diving magazines and the Cousteau Society. Topping the list of dive sites is the scuttled WWII Royal Canadian Navy escort destroyer, the 112 m (366 ft) HMCS Chaudière. Sunk by the Artificial Reef Society of BC in 1992 at the mouth of Salmon Inlet, it now houses a colourful marine ecosystem of orange plumose anemones, white tube worms, and ling cod. In Powell River waters, the Iron Mines near Lund feature a plethora of life clinging to the vertical walls that drop into the abyss. Watch for wolf eels and octopus among the sponges. The most popular shore dive is at Mermaid Cove where Canada’s first underwater statue rests serenely; the Emerald Princess is a 9ft sunken bronze mermaid.